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Ride Report


Christmas Day Ride: 25 December

It was a fantastic day for a bike ride, the whole club turned out, minus those who did not turn up.  It was a difficult decision deciding which way to go and where to have our coffee, I mean John Aitkin was one of the absentees and we do tend to rely on him for his expertise and guidance - Don't We ?

Anyway it was eventually decided  to go to NOWHERE and as it was quite a long way, well I think it was, well I wasn't sure of the route (who said that is about par for the course) It couldn't have been John as he was missing, it might have been Martha, but it couldn't have been as she was away flying.

Anyway we eventually got there but all the coffee shops were closed and they were all moaning that they had to be back for dinner, I couldn't believe just because it was Xmas day they all wanted to get back, well it took no time at all because we hadn't really gone anywhere at least I don't think we had perhaps you others could phone in and tell me where we are.





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