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Ah, how things have changed. Having just read the account of last Sunday's short ride, I can only say that it's time we brought back National Service and concentrated orange juice. Huddling in doorways on a brisk Sunday morning. Cycling along a safe, dedicated track to Groombridge before turning back - turning back! - for coffee and refreshments in Java and Jazz - further evidence, if further evidence was needed - of the absence, these days, of true Great British grit. Great Scott - what would he have done. Would he have turned back? Of course, he wouldn't. He and his team would have carried on. They would have carried on until, weakened, they fell with their bicycles into a snow-drift, where they they huddled - and not in a shop doorway - until they were found, hours and hours, perhaps days, later, and celebrated for their spirit, for their grit. And those of us who, by some misfortune, had other, unavoidable duties on that Sunday morning would say 'Ah, I was with them, in spirit', if not in snow.

Retired old gentleman of East Grinstead

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