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Sevenoaks 28th September 2008

Not so much a report, but just to say what a beautiful ride to Sevenoaks. The weather was neigh on perfect, cold to start but warmed up nicely.

This was my first ride to this destination and it took in many roads that I was not familiar with. I thank the leader for going the way he did, i.e. anti-clockwise. I shudder to think how a climb up York Hill would have spoiled it for me. Also, that the leader headed my plea in Cowden to turn left past Gilridge and Cowden Pound for Mark Beech and not go over the Cowden Crossroads, down the hill and then climb up past Cowden Station before turning left to Mark Beech. Another unnecessary hill.

The freewheeling bit from Mark Beech towards Chiddingstone is always fun, and we all did our best to see how far we could go before pedalling. Best part of 1½ miles.

I was unfamiliar with the return route from Sevenoaks until we reached York Hill, not realising that we were not returning on the same way as we went. That's some drop down York Hill. Then fairly easy riding before climbing to Wellers Town and Chiddingstone Hoath, before the steep decent from White Post.

A bit of a climb to the Sussex Oak, downhill to Balls Green and the track back to East Grinstead. (not so good on my 23mm tyres). Nevertheless, it was a great day out. Thank you Graham for taking us there.


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