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Three new things - Salfords 30th
December 2012

Today's ride was going to be a bit of an adventure in some small way.

1/. I had found a new café within the range of a short cycle ride.

2/. I was going to use a road that I had never cycled before. Well, I did once, about ten years ago, and then it was in the opposite direction. I remember on that occasion I lost my house keys whilst having our sandwiches on some waste ground somewhere near Horley.

3/. Arriving for the start at East Grinstead's new station, I was introduced to a very nice lady who was going to join us. It was Pat, a friend of Christine. With Ron's arrival we were five. Quite a good number since before the ride I only knew of one other to join me. The weather had been really bad all week with virtually continuous rain, but today it was dry, albeit a bit windy, with even some sunshine expected. Christine and Pat had had to climb over a fallen tree, carrying their cycles, on the Worth Way about a mile from the station. Never mind, I was going to circumnavigate that part of the route anyway. Dissention amongst the ranks when I turned into Chapmans Lane. No names, but one rider said they had had enough of muddy cycle paths, and wanted to take another route, which would have meant climbing from Furnace Wood into Crawley Down, a very long hill. Christine and Pat were already going to have to climb this hill at the end of their ride anyway, and didn't fancy doing it twice. Anyway, we carried on, on my proposed route, and it wasn't all that muddy. From the end of Sandy Lane in Crawley Down, it's a nice downhill to the roundabout at the Dukes Head. Better in this direction, than up hill with all traffic on this stretch of road. After the gentle downhill of Chapell Lane to the Hedgehog P.H. it's virtually flat all the way through Smallfield, shirting to the north of Horley, on the way we often take to Reigate. However, this is where my new piece of road came into play. Unfortunately, I had not made a note of the name of the road, and was tempted to turn too early. However a kindly old lady, I say old, but I suppose she was younger than most of us, advised me off my error and we took the next turning. It's Meath Green Lane. (Remember this name). This lane eventually joins up with Lonesome Lane, which should be familiar to many club members. Meath Lane is virtually flat, had recently been resurfaced, and had many bends to take away any boredom. It was a dream on which to cycle. At the point where it becomes Lonesome lane, it a short ride to Salfords on the A23, where we were stopping for our morning café break at the "Pop In" café, my newly discovered café. A good café for our needs. Quite big. Graham is adding it to the club's list of cafés. After lunch it was the usual ride back to Smallfield. Although planned, I decided not to use Chillhurst Lane, as it was going to be very muddy and the bridal way out to the main road before turning into Domewood was going to be a quagmire. So we returned along Downlands Lane back to the Hedgehog. Here, Christine and Pat left us, to make their way to the Dukes Head and up the busy Turners Hill Road to Crawley Down. It's not a road I like. We were now three, and back through Domewood, Furnace Wood, Felbridge and East Grinstead where we sad I farewells. As I write this report, it's pissing down again. Guess we were luck yesterday.


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