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Redhill Aerodrome - 21st October 2012 - Get up Get out!

It was the only thing to do. Just ignore it. Take no notice of the watery eyes and the damp, autumnal morning. Just get up, put on the kit, and go. Just get on with it. So the leader joined the two others who were waiting for the day's ride to Redhill aerodrome, more particularly to the café at Redhill aerodrome. Wall Hill, Shovelstrode lane, and the three became four. Hey, we were a group.

Into Dormansland, where the leader had his first puncture. Able help was at hand. So too were two late arrivals. Now we were six. No, we weren't as two had gone ahead. When the four met the six, there was a discussion about routes. As a result, two - not the two who had gone ahead - followed the designated route. The other four? One had run out of time; three were intent on reaching the café by a flatter route.

On went the two, until the leader had his second puncture. The able help was again at hand. Up Tilburstow hill, along the road to the A25, and then a steady pedal to the café. Two teas and two hot soups. Two of the flatter group arrived; we were four again. More tea and rockcakes. Time to leave. We were joined by a just-in-time arrival. We were five.

A companionable ride back, as a group of five, along familiar roads. The bikes and bikers moved easily. A damp day, some suggestions of rain. Yet it was good to be out. Close to East Grinstead, five became four. The four remained as a group back to the town, where we caught a glimpse of the fifth. Partings. A general sense of a good ride, of being on a bike in amiable company, with the proper kit. Cold? No, it wasn't. Ah, you mean my cold? Oh that. That was a long time ago.>


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