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3rd February 2008 Mayfield

Graham & John near MayfieldThere was quite a good turnout for our ride to Mayfield this morning. Christa came to say good morning but unfortunately had to disappear off rather swiftly - after the ride had finished I have to say that I rather wished I had too! Graham, Andrew, Jane, Ron, John, Martin, Peter, Gordon, Don and I set off down the Forest Way picking up Steve on the way. Ron and I were leading - I did wonder what Val have given him for breakfast as he seemed so full of energy but I managed to keep up.

This ride is just so hilly I actually decided at one point that I needed a tow-rope - I suppose that one does get the downhill ride too but it's so quick you hardly notice! Gordon was very sensible and set off home early before having to tackle many of the hills - good thinking!

Anyway, when we finally arrived at Mayfield we found the café shut, so as it was a tad chilly we decided that instead of having a picnic in the car park we would go on to Jarvis Brook. We found the garden centre and virtually took over the café there where John, Graham and Andrew finished off their supply of sausage-rolls! On from Jarvis Brook and back towards home more hills to be climbed via Crowborough and across the Forest. I dread to think how fast the three Dare Devils went down Kidds Hill but thankfully we all arrived safely back at Java for a well earned cup of tea. It was a lovely ride and we were so lucky to be out and about on a sunny winter's day.


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