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Greenwich - 13th July 2008

An 8:30 start and a longish ride up to Greenwich and potentially back didn't promise a high turnout, I certainly didn't expect Hilary to be around at that time on a Sunday Morning. But there she was outside Future Cycles together with Martha, Jane, Ron and Andrew. We met Gordon on the East Grinstead - Tunbridge Wells road, so seven were on the way to Greenwich

We wandered along familiar lanes through Crowhurst and on to Oxted with the North Downs looming ever closer and looking ever higher until we reached the bottom of Chalkpit lane, 'are we really going up there' said Gordon looking at the cliff edge in front. 'Of course' said Ron 'it's quite flat after we get to the top'. Well we have all heard that before, but there was little option to follow Ron up the hill.

Martha pigs outIt wasn't too hilly from then on but it was thirsty work, none of the pubs we stopped at were open (they weren't the last time I did this ride either, Ron just refuses to admit that you don't get a break till Catford) and the miles ticked by without coffee. Eventually however we arrived at the refreshment van in Catford for a drink though some were less restrained. I won't name names but the camera never lies!

From Catford it was a pleasant ride into Greenwich, through parks and alongside waterways and we arrived at about 1:00pm. Ron's suggestion that those who had Hot Dogs at Catford wouldn't need lunch was treated with the contempt it deserved and so we stopped at a small café at the edge of the market the press of people being so great that it was obvious we couldn't get the bikes through to our usual watering hole.

After lunch and a quick look round the market for some it was time to return home. Gordon, Hilary, Andrew and Jane opted to go by train and cycled off to London Bridge, while Ron, Martha and myself rode home. A pleasant day and good company, thanks all


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