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The sound of silence - East Hoathly 18th May 2008

Sunday morning's here again. Time to get the bike out and head out into the wilds of Sussex. Time to wander down lanes, familiar ones and those less so. Time for the 'chat on wheels' that is FRBC's weekly outing.

We were almost ready to ride down to Forest Row when the phone rang. Hilary couldn't make it, she said she had been out riding on Monday and had sunburnt her thighs and they were still too sore to ride a bike. Maximim points there for an original excuse, but there will be an investigation to determine just how the thighs got cooked, details to follow.

When Kate, Andrew and I arrived outside Future Cycles Ron and Martin were already there and Jane joined us shortly after and that was it besides a list of excuses less original than Hilary's.

Ron said "time to go", then with an evil grin to the accompaniment of the usual groans "up Priory road". Kate said "I better start off now then, you'll soon catch me up" and proceeded to set a pace that meant we didn't catch her till we got to the crossroads at Goat car park. The benefits of regular cycling!

We rode along the lanes, through Chelwood Gate, Dane Hill and on to Fletching, the lanes were familiar but something was wrong, no not exactly wrong but different. "It's quiet" somebody said, "John's not here", "Yes" I said "but he wasn't here last week and it wasn't" like this". "Ah" said Ron "but Martha isn't here this week either, it's so quiet". That is what was so strange, it was the 'Sound of Silence' unbroken except for the odd bird (no I won't stoop to that joke) and the whirr of wheels.

We continued along less familiar lanes through Barcombe and then round to Isfield where we stopped at our usual café at the Lavender line station.

The way home from Isfield is a well worn track that we have cycled many a time, but no less pleasant for all that, especially with good company and idle chatter along the way. Martin was beginning to look a little weary and said that he hadn't realized how difficult it could be when you don't get out regularly. "This is a real wake up call" he said "I must put in some more miles before the tour". Only three weeks to go now Martin!

Jane left us at Chelwood Gate and the rest of us took up Ron's kind invittation of Tea and biscuits ("someone's got to eat them before we go away" he said) at chez Redgrove, which gave a good end to another wonderful day.

Now you might notice two things about this report:

1. No pictures, that's because the photographer could only produce two blurred images, one of two cyclists backs in the distance and lots of cars. We'd sack him, but nobody else takes any pictures

2. No mention at all of East Hoathly or Uckfield, the supposed destinations. Well what can I say, Ron was in charge, draw your own conclusions.


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