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2006 Uphill & Downhill Challenge: 28 January 2007 (only a few weeks late!)

Thought I had better do a report as John is away sunning himself in the South of France, good luck to him I say.

Well here goes.


Thank goodness it was a reasonably fine day, particularly after the past week. it was hopeful therefore that we might have a reasonable number of members turning out, if only to shed some of the excess of the Xmas holiday. Nevertheless I was still amazed when I counted 16 riders including myself. It made me quite happy to see them all as John had told me they only turned up in big numbers when I was away, so there you are John: 16 riders and I have a photograph to prove it. Of course I know they only turned out really to see Jane's new bike as I did myself. Martha was really envious, in fact I think we can say she was drooling.

To get back to the ride of the day which was the 2006 uphill and downhill event: this was held in Brickhouse Lane, Danehill and I am pleased to announce the winners herewith. Before I do I should like to praise all the relatively new members that turned out and joined in the fun. I hope they all enjoyed it. Also we welcomed Martha's daughter Sally, who was game enough to try us out and we all hope to see more of her in the future, as she would seem to be a natural cyclist.

The Winners of the Downhill 2006 were:-

LADIES: Valerie Everitt
MENS: Graham Chadwick

The Winners of the Hill Climb 2006 were:-

LADIES: Martha Cooling in a time of 5min 55secs.
MENS: Martin Green in a time of 4mins 9secs

The Winners of the Hill Climb guess what your time will be were:-

LADIES: Martha Cooling - she was 1min 29 secs out.
MENS: Gordon Franklin - he was only 22 secs out.

All winners will receive a bike gift voucher for each win.

WE all adjourned to the Heaven Farm for a well earned rest and refreshments when our meanderers turned up, swelling our numbers to 19. Which was further heightened by celebrating Jane's Birthday, I think they said she was fortyish or something, but she did't look a day over thirty, maybe thirty-one, after she had eaten all of her birthday cake.

We finished off with a ride across the Forest and I think it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. HURRY BACK JOHN.




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