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Dorking: 2 September

Encounters in Reel Surrey

Eleven of us followed our leader along the by-ways of Surrey.  Within five miles of East Grinstead, we were somewhere in deepest Surrey.  Not so deep, though, for those who had built or improved the houses, all well kept, which we passed. 

As we emerged from an unsteady travel up a steady incline, we met a couple, both in their 80s who were about to start their daily walk.  We were intent on cycling towards Dorking.  Ah, Dorking.  How easily her memory recalled the Canadians who had been training close to the town, all those years ago, in preparation for the Normandy landing.  How practiced a walker she and her husband were.  They were to complete a circular walk, have lunch in their car, then complete a second leg.  And thus they walked every day.  How fortunate they were that they could both follow that daily regime.

We cycled, and we cycled.  And at the entrance to Herons’ Lakes other cyclists, practiced ones, flashed by, participants in a road-race.  At a table, overlooking the lake and those who fished, it was time for real breakfasts; in fact, some had reel ones, the biggest ones of all.  One had tea and not just one scone, but two. 

From the lakes to the town, to the roads, through private estates to Crawley Down and so to the Worth Way.  And back to the beginning, to the station.  Close to 50 miles, through hidden parts of Surrey, along tree-lined roads.  Another companionable ride. 




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