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A few snaps have been sent in recently but we want more. If you want to lay a brick in the foundations of what will surely become a treasured archive for coming generations, get out the camera to capture those memorable moments and send the result to Previous offerings are in the photo album; some even graduate to the caption competition.


Ride Reports

(Authors always needed: no experience required, as you will see. Send your version to

Warlingham: 21st May 2017

John stops in full flow! No not the talking, be serious! Here are the details.

Holmes Hill: 7th May 2017

John leads in a 'Stately fashion' (ie slow), and finally got round to writing this report.

Stanmer Park: 30th April 2017

John organises a lift home, but Martha nabs it! Here is John's lament.

Wadhurst: 2nd April 2017

Well it was supposed to be Wadhurst, but we ended up in Mark Cross. This is John's version.

Hassocks: 26th March 2017

Rex goes overboard for the ample charms of our waitress! Or at least that is John's Story.

Westerham: 19th March 2017

A new excuse for failing to get the signs, drug abuse! This is John's version

Hadlow: 12th March 2017

John gets all the signs (not), charms the ladies (not) and finds his real vocation as a cafe door closer. This is his version

Ringmer: 26th February 2017

John reports on his reasoned arguments and other unlikely tales

Tunbridge Wells: 19th February 2017

A pleasant jaunt to Tunbridge Wells John reports

Bolney: 12th February 2017

We go to Worlds End, but the Story never ends!

Heathfield: 5th February 2017

Having retired John resorts to blackmail so that he can afford his 'French Number' Here is his confession

Oxted: 24th January 2017

A reasonably factual report is John OK?

Four Elms: 1st January 2017

New Year, new beginning or maybe Johns usual slick hyperbole?

Rusthall: 11th December 2016

Ron's dog didn't say anything, but John certainly did, here is his version.

Christmas Lunch: 4th December 2016

Another load of Bullocks, well two anyway.

Isfield: 27th November 2016

More ramblings of the self obsessed masquerading as a ride report.

Reigate: 13th November 2016

The unbridled truth aka the Runaway Nag!

Tonbridge: 6th November 2016

Our resident seer 'Voluable John' writes a report before we have done the ride!

Hassocks: 30th October 2016

An enjoyable ride. John reports in his inimitable style

Holmes Hill: 23rd October 2016

John joins us for part of a ride so here, is his half report

Lewes: 9th October 2016

A reasonably factual report, nothing to do with the ride but ...

Rusthall: 2nd October 2016

John spends so much time talkin that he doesn't remember much about the ride. Here is what he made up.

Stanmer: 24th September 2016

Bison wrestling! Squirrel bashing! Johns's report is as fanciful as always.

Otford: 18th September 2016

John find you can get all the signs if your opponent doesn't know where they are. This is his version.

Hassocks: 4th September 2016

John finally manages to capture the Piltdown sign. Here is the story.

Westerham: 28th August 2016

The meanderings of a demented cyclist a report by John

Hadlow: 21st August 2016

The joy of life on a bike as reported by John

Sevenoaks: 24th July 2016

Another humourous epistle of self aggrandisement from John

Christmas lunch: 14th December 2014>

John comes out of retirement to write a report on the Christmas ride

Tunbridge Wells: 9th March 2014

Gordon reports on his ride

Sevenoaks: 22nd September 2013

John has a sociable ride to Sevenoaks. This is his tale.

Salfords: 30th December 2012

Gordon leads an adventure!

Redhill Aerodrome: 21st October 2012

Don returns to authorship after a long break read his report on a ride to the aerodrome.

Kippings Cross, well Tonbridge actually: 26th February 2012

John fails to get up in time (again!) but manages to meet up with the gang for lunch. Here is his account.

Hayward Heath: 6th November 2011

A winding route to a nearby town, Don reports.

Lewes: 23rd October 2011

Musings from the maestro, Don's version of Carry on up the Casbah!!

Redhill Aerodrome: 27th February 2011

Gordon finds that you have to watch the tail when leading, otherwise you lose people here is his account.

Westerham: 20th February 2011

A bad day for cycling, but an enjoyable ride all the same. Don tells the story.

North Chailey: 2nd January 2011

A surprisingly pleasant if coldish day, even colder for those without the right gear as John tells.

Sevenoaks: 24th October 2010

An autumn ride in the sunshine, admirably led by our author, here is his report

Loire Valley tour June 2010

A lovely week's tour of the Loire and the Loir not forgetting the Cher and Indre. Here is Kate and Christine's report.

Isfield: 8th November 2009

John can't get up to join the ride, so rides direct to Isfield for an unearnt breakfast. Here is his report.

Sevenoaks: 25th October 2009

Disconnected Jottings and some references to a ride to Sevenoaks

Hadlow: 11th October 2009

A ride to Hadlow, or the confessions of a serial thief.

The Saxon Shore: 14th September 2009

Don and David ride down the Kent coast. Here is the tale of their meanderings (or the meandering of their tale?).

Awayday to Pevensey: 13th September 2009

A pleasant jaunt to the coast, lovely views and Fish and Chips for lunch. Even John was happy, if somewhat cold, here is his story.

Newhaven and Lewes: 30th August 2009

John is still trying to milk sympathy from his injuries, but he still made it to Newhaven and back. This is his story.

Brittany 2009

The tour is now over, all who went returned. Here is Kate's report and some photos here. And for completeness the itinerary and route.

Staplefield: 24th May 2009

John tries to tell us of his climbing feats in the Pyrenees, but everybody is too busy congratulating Jane and Don on there triathlon. Please read his report otherwise his effort will have been in vain.

Awayday to devil's Dyke: 3rd May 2009

A gentle meander through less familiar lanes and a steep climb to a (very) popular beauty spot. Our leader reports.

Tonbridge not Balcombe: 26th April 2009

The café at Balcombe was rumoured to be closed so we went to Tonbridge instead. John didn't really notice where we were going as he admits in his report ... I wonder why?

Oxted: 29th March 2009

A dry day though somewhat cold, but a pleasant ride nonetheless. John not only managed to complete the ride but he also wrote the report despite a bad case of 'Hypochondric sympaticus' fever.

Isfield: 1st February 2009

This would have been last week's ride if the weather had been kinder. Not to miss out on one of our favourite cafés we went this week. John tries his hand as a limericist, I think he should stick to playing trains! Read his report and make up your own mind.

Handcross: 26th October 2008

The list said Handcross but Ron set off for Edenbridge with unfulfilled promises of Bacon Sandwiches. Our worthy scribe takes time off reading his dictionary to send you this report

Wadhurst: 19th October 2008

John gets all the biggest portions because the waitresses feel sorry for a sad old man, he thinks its charisma of course. Read his delusions here.

Redhill and Reigate: 5th October 2008

Rain rain and more rain. Only John and Graham turned up at Forest Row and so we rode to East Grinstead Station, nobody there either. We waited, but nobody turned up and since John was concerned that even he wouldn't be heard over the noise of the downpour we abandoned ship.

Sevenoaks: 28th September 2008

Gordon comments on a ride to Sevenoaks without unneccessary hills

High Beeches: 7th September 2008

John tries his hand at leading a ride and finds that democracy makes it difficult. Here is his account.

Hassocks: 31st August 2008

Another rainy day, but this time we did arrive at the advertised destination, although someone went home for tea. John reports

Wadhurst and Bewl Water: 24th August 2008

John muses on why its always raining when we stop in Tunbridge Wells.

Tonbridge: 17th August 2008

Skulduggery on the way to Tonbridge, John's report points the finger.

Newhaven: 20th July 2008

For some a gentle meander and a sense of déjà vu as we retraced the start of the Normandy tour. John however had other priorities and since he agreed to write the report I won't begrudge him his chance to gloat.

Greenwich: 13th July 2008

A pleasant 80 mile ride to Greenwich and back, or shorter for those who didn't feel the need to burn off the hot dogs and let the train take the strain. This is the story.

Awayday Hellingly: 6th July 2008

Another enjoyable awayday led by Gordon, although he needs to get the weather sorted out. Our leader reports.

Dorking area: 8th June 2008

This wasn't on the schedule at all but it is where we went, another ride along sunlit lanes.

Awayday Rottingdean: 1st June 2008

We didn't go to Rottingdean because we couldn't cope without Ron to lead us. We did go to Redhill Aerodrome, although one member broke his bike and had to go and get another one. Hence his story makes little mention of our outward journey.

Chailey: 25th May 2008

It's rumoured that four rode out, but where they went we'll never know as none of them filed a report.

East Hoathly and Uckfield: 18th May 2008

More excuses than people this week, but still a lovely ride to Isfield.

Tunbridge Wells: 11th May 2008

Cycling in the sunshine in May is a delight, Don is moved to quote poetry in his report

Awayday Horsham: 4th May 2008

Again I waited for someone to send in a report, but in vain, lazy ****s. So no complaints about the rubbish I've written

Oxted: 27th April 2008

A lovely ride up on to the North downs with most of the rain while we were in the café, but most of the details must remain secret, as nobody wrote a report. Laziness or some darker reason?

Hurstpierpoint: 20th April 2008

We set off for Hurstpierpoint, but didn't get there. Ron blamed his map and Andrew blamed his bike (it only got him to Horsted Keynes). Our self styled 'Knight in Shining Armour' tells the full tale.

Awayday East Hoathly, Alfriston etc: 13th April 2008

Gordon takes us on a ride to see John's likeness carved in the hillside. John think's that something is missing, read his story.

Wadhurst: 6th April 2008

The snow came down by the bucketload and all was white, I think I'd rather climb Everest than go out in that and have to clean the bike afterwards. Three however were made of sterner stuff. Hilary (no not Sir Edmund), John and Andrew set out, they didn't reach Wadhurst but they did reach Java and Jazz. That much is certain, the question is, did they actually go anywhere else. Read John's story and decide for yourself. One old gentleman of East Grinstead has his opinion.

Gatwick and Reigate: 30th March 2008

It looked like another very wet day but this didn't stop our brave reporter leaving the comforts of home. Read his story.

Staplefield: 23rd March 2008

A few braved the weather and Ron (reluctantly) led, but not to Staplefield. John tells us where.

Oxted: 16th March 2008

Oxted, none of us got there, some of us didn't get back! John dons sackcloth and ashes and Don muses on dry socks

Lamberhurst: 9th March 2008

Don asks a llama for directions to the café but gets no response, so has to play follow my leader. Did he get there? Find out.

The Priory: 2nd March 2008

Well Redhill Aerodrome really, the café is better. Another ride, another report.

Tonbridge: 24th February

A familiar ride to Tonbridge on the cycle track through Penshurst Place and Haysden Country Park read about it in another masterpiece of purple prose from the godfather. No pictures again though, the photographer is on final notice.

Westerham: 17th February

The peleton go north to attack Yorks Hill, scene of the Catford hill climb on route to Westerham and Kate makes it to the top without getting off! Don in his own inimitable style tells us how it was, or perhaps it was as John reports

Sevenoaks: 10th February

A ride to Sevenoaks described by the photographer who forgot his camera, hence no pictures, but here is the bald report

Mayfield: 3rd February

A visit to Mayfield's mythical café, well it is there but I've never seen it open! Read Kate's debut report

Balcombe: 27th January

Mutterings from John or musings from the Godfather on a ride to balcombe. A cornucopia of riches!

Uphill / Downhill: 25 November

Not so much a report as a prediction from our resident seer John. Read about it here.

Oxted: 21 October

Autumn comes round again, and the ride goes off to the Chilterns. Well, so I'm told.. Read about it here.

East Hoathly: 14 October

Well, you never know which devilish route the leader might take us down: one of our number now carries a spare frame. Now that's what I call belt and braces. Find out why here.

Hurstpierpoint: 7 October

The fog at last descends. A veritable pea-souper, by the sound of things. Don't worry, there's plenty more to come. Anyway, read all abart it here.

An Extra taste of France

A detachment was sent off on a recce to our near, and occasionally dear when we want some good food, neighbours. Read their dispatches here.

Dorking-ish: 2 September

There were new things a-plenty on this meticulously planned excursion. All Don noticed was something to do with the war, and scones: par for the course, really. Read his report here.

Hurst Green to Lullingstone & Eynsford: 5 August

Despite an unpromising start, the awayday sallies forth into previously-unexplored territory. Is there no limit to our venturers' appetite for danger? Read all here.

Biking in Kent

Allowing ourselves a departure from the standard format: lyrical waxings about our eastern neighbour's diversity, from oasthouses (expected) to mines (unexpected). Click here to read.

FRBC Tour 2007

The Tour Report, so long awaited, is now available here. Many thanks to the person unknown who lovingly crafted the oeuvre.

Rye to Dungeness: 1 July

Wind, rain, punctures, traffic, other cyclists, Vespas and unfamiliar terrain: none of these adversities could dampen the spirit of our adventurers. Except occasionally one, it appears. Ride report here.

Redhill-instead-of-Nutfield: 8 April

Once again, riders abandon all sense of discipline and decide on a destination other than that ordained on the Rides List. One participant owned up in his ride report, so the matter will be taken no further.

Sevenoaks, presumably: 25 March

We try to encourage submissions by those who have actually been out on the ride they are reporting on. In this case, it's probably more amusing just to laugh at the mishaps of someone who hasn't.

Lindfield: 25 February

Some useful lessons here in how not to navigate, how not to mend a bike, and how not to spend your cash. Oh, and some bike-riding, too. Click here for the report in its full glory.

Not-Lamberhurst-but-Tunbridge Wells: 11 February

Our regular correspondent returns from his long jaunt to sunnier climes. Of course, he is welcomed back with open arms, and open heavens. Click here for the report.

Uphill & Downhill Challenges: 28 January

Things are getting pretty competitive now, what with 6 prizes available! But they weren't the only things to lure our intrepid members out... Read the ride report.

Penshurst & Chiddingstone: 7 January (2007)

Apart from the standard references to food (in several varieties), other objects of lust and longing appear in this instalment: a welcome debut by a new writer (no offence, John...).

Hill Climb (or was it?): 3 December

For tales of passion, danger and espionage who can do better than FRBC? Prose doesn't get any purpler than this instalment.

Priory Gardens: 19 November

Well, not, actually, but close. Even a bit of cross-country is thrown in! Autumnal colours bring our correspondent over all poetic, but don't let that put you off reading the full ride report.

Hill Climb: 12 November

Lots of happenings on this one, so it's a good job our official correspondent has rediscovered his passion for narration. Click here to find out more - pull up a comfy chair first!

Newhaven: 27 August

A small but select band of travellers are treated to a number of café stops, and a good deal of local history. Click here to share intimate details of the adventure.

Club Treasure Hunt: 6 August

A daunting prospect at first, but easier towards the end; and that's just the ride report. Winning was shown to be merely incidental to the real purpose of the day: bouncing. Click here for the report.

FRBC Flanders Tour 2006

The Grand Summer Tour took place from 13 - 20 June. Thirteen intrepid Club members battled rain, sun and wind (in that order) on their conquest of Flanders. Click here for the report.

Redhill Aerodrome: 28 May

Who needs to cycle when you can just sit and watch aeroplanes all day? Click here for the ride report.

Reigate: 7 May

Fancy a bit of **** and some *** ***? Well, you're in luck. Click here for the ride report.

Tenterden Awayday: 30 April

You ever had that feeling when you walk into a pub in the middle of nowhere and everyone falls silent? Now you know why it happens. Click here for the ride report.

Balcombe & Haywards Heath: 23 April

Tea rooms, home-made crumble and the latest cycle technology! Click here for the ride report.

Redhill: 15 January

Can you imagine what might connect every place-name in Sussex and Surrey with Brussels sprouts, eBay and Honda? No? Well, I couldn't either, even after reading the ride report. Click here to try your luck.

Rottingdean Awayday: 8 January (2006)

The chaps wonder whether they're made of the right sort of stuff, given the chilly conditions. Even a touch of history and nostalgia. Who said cycling's just for exercise? Click here for the ride report.

Christmas Day Ride

A full turnout, as expected! Ron was chosen to lead this one, as it was felt he needed a bit of experience. Eventually everyone made it round the arduous route thanks to some great navigation...

Click here for the ride report.

The Great Downhill Challenge & Pre-Christmas Lunch Ride: 18 December

Now, casual observers might surmise sitting on a bike without pedalling is a bit..., well, boring. This report will disabuse them of that notion.

The Great Uphill Challenge: 11 December

Er... not, actually. None of the 3 key elements (great, uphill or challenge) actually featured, would-be participants preferring instead the reassuring confines of Steve's workshop.

South Chailey: 20 November

Three hardy souls come over all philosophical, having overcome the heavy breathing and grinding that so often accompanies our outings.

Tonbridge: 13 November

Some sneaky early practice for the Downhill Challenge - and even a caving expedition! We prove our diversity by welcoming those with a - ahem - regional accent.

Brecon Beacons Tour: September

Two of our intrepidest members (Adam & Mary) ventured into the wilds of Wales to explore. Far from being eaten by dragons, they found pens, fans and... rain. Intrigued? Read their special ride report.

Hurstpierpoint: 11 September

Now Ron knows all the roads in Sussex. So why would he have invested in a new map? Some riders think maybe he shouldn't have bothered.

Westerham: 21 August

A men-only event this time, though not by design. Some riders were rather missing the female company, but it's not what you think.

Mayfield: 10 July

Well, we made it at last. Even the hills were flattened into insignificance by the wonderful weather.

Thames Tow Path Ride: 26 June

A good turn-out was rewarded with a river-cruise (of sorts).

Rotherfield & Jarvis Brook: 19 June

OK, so only three riders showed up. Quality, not quantity, eh? Lesser folk were clearly still recovering from Brittany.

[You'll notice there's a gap in reports here. This is because webbie lost them along with half the website. That's what comes of using an amateur.]

High Beeches: 20 February

Colder than a wet flannel on a campsite, but the bacon sarnies restored the brave band to fighting form. Hello to Bob!

Tunbridge Wells: 13 February

Blizzards could not deter them - those dedicated pedallers braved hail, snow, lightning and frostbite just to get out for a ride. Only one escaped to Spain to recover.

Chiddingstone via Cowden: 6 February

Despite a brooding start, things got better. The weather held out, too, which made the undulations easier to bear. Welcome to John!

Isfield: 23 January

High speed, close brushes with motorised carriages and a good turnout were rewarded with a full calorie input. The right sort of calories, naturally.

Mayfield (nearly): 16 January

The ride leader has a near-mutiny on his hands but deals with it decisively, just to show our two new riders who's boss. Hills? We laugh in their face, and squeeze wet flannels down the back of pain.

Redhill: 9 January

Where some members conduct a scientific study of the relative merits of different tyre widths, and discover there's more to Sussex than just trees and hills.

Tunbridge Wells: 2 January (2005)

Some early training and team selection (!) for Brittany, although maybe a tad cooler than the latter is expected to be.

Uphill/Downhill Challenge: 19 December

Won by Adam and Brian respectively; the Grand Club Christmas Lunch at the Sussex Oak was well-deserved, even by those who attended the ride in a supporting capacity.

Brighton Awayday: 5 December

Six of us swooped up and down like the gulls. Only we were a little slower, and drank more tea.

Isfield Station: 28 November

Our valiant riders laugh in the face of the cold, ably assisted by the finest egg 'n' chips in the South-East.

Haywards Heath: 21 November

Sampling the delights of Mr Sainsburye's Olde Tea Shoppe, in front of a roaring checkout till - ah, the delights of our heritage.

Oxted: 14 November

The Famous Five become the not-so-secret Seven, thanks to 2 new riders (...or was it 8?). Anyway, welcome; may your rides be bountiful.

Horsham Awayday: 7 November

At last, we made it to Horsham! A new ride to most; Leith Hill provided a challenge in a gentrified Surrey sort of way. Coffee, lunch, cake and a nice walk to the summit (thinner air, you know) were thrown into the bargain.

Balcombe: 31 October

A very autumnal ride, which may not have been surprising to some. A great fry-up and some nice coffee added an extra bonus. The Meanderers went to Tunbridge Wells and found a splendid French market to get them in the mood for Brittany next year.

Horsham: 17 October

Nine started out; one finished. Clearly the prospect of visiting this charming and whimsical area proved overwhelming for most; (almost) all riders broke into splinter groups before even the half-way point was reached. However, the lunch stop was much appreciated by the 4 of us who made it that far.

Uckfield via Fairwarp: 10 October

A chilly start, but a beautiful ride via Fairwarp and Buxted. An interesting theory was developed about the weather; the theory will be scientifically tested by the Club's resident researcher and the conclusions published by the New Year.

Greenwich to Forest Row: 3 October

Despite the best efforts of the 'Strategic' Rail Authority, we made it to the wilds of Sarf Lunnen, most of which was shut. However, we did catch fleeting glimpses of herds of native shopping trolleys bathing in local waterways. The ride back was a little wet, but the banter kept spirits up.

St Piers Charity Ride: 26 September

Eight FRBC riders took part in this ride to raise money for the NCYPE in Lingfield. The ride comprised a 24 mile route from Lingfield, to Hever,Chiddingstone and back via Four Elms and Marl Pit. We stopped for tea, cake and in some cases, a full breakfast, in Chiddingstone. It was a fairly uneventful ride apart from one driver who seemed intent on taking a few ofus out in his bid to save 10 seconds... Martin also performed an interesting sideways fall whilst using his mobile phone - there's a lesson in there somewhere.

CTC Challenge Ride: 12 September

Five intrepid adventurers from FRBC played their part among the 160-odd (hyphen optional) participants: 2 of us completed the 80km ride, 3 the 115km one. Comments were overheard about our exceptional style and panache, particularly as we were climbing 'The Wall' (which is what non-FRBCers apparently call our favourite contour, Kidd's Hill). Some of us needed to soak in hot water for longer than usual after the ride.

Bath to London Charity Ride: 29 August

Don, Mary and Adam returned victorious after about 6 hours' riding time - a bit saddle sore, but apart from that it was a great day.

Lewes Ride-Swim-Ride: 22 August

It's not often that adults have the opportunity of fooling around in a swimming-pool, and some of us took our chance. Our synchronised swimming was particularly eye-catching.

As ever, we followed our leader on the return journey as he took us along the onetime railway track, across the fields, through the gates, along the muddy track, and through the farmyard:the biathlon ride with added off-road. The complaints from muddy riders drowned out the mooing of the cows.

The Treasure Hunt: 15 August(2004)

The hunters, in pairs, set out in search of answers. Round the village, up Priory Road (of course), Twyford, Danehill, Nutley, Duddleswel, Hartfield, Pooh bridge, the Hatch, the Forest Centre - the hunters cycled amiably over the ground, tackling the questions as they went. A barbecue at Val and Ron's followed, and a presentation of the cup to the winning pair: Adam and Mary.

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