Forest Row Bike Club

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October 2011 Competition

John shows why you have to be carefil with revealing tights

^ After luncheon there was a lengthy queue and delay for the outside toilet, with unfortunate consequences (Stuart)

Previous winners

September 2009's winning entry

But where's the third monkey


May's winning entry

Pull the other string David and he can talk too!

Right,pal,stop standing behind me or I`ll squeeze harder. (ken wilkinson, Hull)

January's winning entry

It's Sunday so I must be on my Bike!

Now let me think, who is Ken Wilkinson again? (John)

July's winning entry

Martin touches on the finer points of sculpture

She wasn`t the Blind date he was expecting. (ken wilkinson, Hull)

May's winning entry

Feeding time at the Zoo!

...last sundays ride included a visit to the sea life centre... (Martin)

April's winning entry

Don demonstrates why he didn't get an invite to appear in Strictly Come Dancing

The new M&S fashion coordinates for the 2008 season. (John)

March's winning entry

David models the latest in headgear, Gaultier eat yor heart out

The new lightweight helmet for bareknuckle boxers. (John)

February's winning entry

Ron labelled as a goat!

Give me my ten quid back or I'll keep looking at you like this (John)

January's winning entry

Whoooo hoooo! I just wrestled a fiver out of John's wallet. Just got to keep a hold of it... (Adam and Mary)

March's winning entries:

Martin in 'strongman' pose

Where's the Right Guard when you need it?(Andrew)

Martin's career in swimsuit modeling was understandably short-lived...(Anon)

January's Winning entries (tied):

Lifting Road Bridge

The men had to discuss how to negotiate the next hill, instead of just cycling it.(Christa)

Forest Row Control, we have a problem.(Don)

December's winning entries (tied):

John on trampoline


I've done it now - what am I going to write about this?(Ron)

July's winning entries:

Don and David holding up track pump

Now to demonstrate this pump, it needs TWO able-bodied men!(Christa)

Testosterone, anyone?(Anon)

April's winning entry:

Ron and Martin fixing a puncture

M: I saw the wheel first!
R: No you didn't! Give it here!

January's winning entry:

Ron on kid's playground bike

It was quite clear that Ron's talents will not feature in the world of bike design...(Martin)


Ron and Martha

Unfortunately Martha didn't know that Ron's cycling attire wasfire-proofed(Paul)


Martin struggling through the undergrowth with bike

Now Martin, you know you are not supposed to go off road with the Forest Row Bike Club(Christa)


Now..whose hand is that?(Anon)


These recumbents are jolly tricky to steer...(Anon)

December 04:

Adam and Mary

This mirror is going to have to go back...(Martin)

Leave some of the steroids for me darling.(Anon)

...with a hungry pushy woman,these lightweight compact convenient cyclists meals were going to leave poor young Adam somewhat hungry..(Martin again)

That's it - you're getting the for stage 2 of the basic marriage skills lesson...(Anon)

November 04:

Ron with rocket

Now, how many times have I told you, I cannot stand bangs!!! (Winning caption from Christa)

Don't tell anyone else, but I have buzz in my bonnet...(Honourable mention for Ron's contribution)

October 04:

Paul and Brian

Man on left still bemused whilst man on right, reaching for his pen to make notes, may have grasped the essence of today's lecture: '' for forwards motion it's pedal clockwise...''

(Winning caption from Martin)

September 04:

David on Pooh bridge

'Keep away, I've a Pooh in my saddlebag...'(Winning caption from Ron)

Success! - David was now looking forward to the next fifty, having removed the thorn from his saddle...(Special Judges' Commendation for Martin's contribution)

August 04:

Don with very large ice-cream

With the Ventoux still to climb, Mr Cooper was starting to regret entering the ice-cream eating competition...(Winning caption from Martin)


Steve with lifebelt and net!

'Gotcha! Hook, line and...'(Winning caption from Christa)

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